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Bookings and No-Shows

We cap all of our game numbers to keep the quality of game play high, we have all been to sites where the environment has been too target rich and you have waited for 5 other players to run through a door before you can, so several years ago we introduced player number caps so this doesn't happen. We have also run a very simple booking system so we know what numbers we are getting on site, we can organise the marshals correctly and food, kit etc is all available as needed.
Of late, this simple booking system which is largely based on trust has been abused by some. As a consequence we are seriously looking at requiring a non refundable part payment in advance for all bookings as we currently run for hire packages.
No shows have a huge affect on our business, it is frustrating at least when a 40 player game has 15 no-shows, and you know you turned away 20 players because the game was full. The financial implications far outweigh the frustration.
We will be monitoring the situation over the coming weeks, and will let you know if the part payment will be required. In the mean time, if there are any suggestions of how to combat the issue, or make bookings simpler, we are all ears

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We are a growing Airsoft company based in High Wycombe but have an ever growing list of Woodland and Urban sites all over the UK!

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